Red the Cattle dog with her parents Courtney and Liam

Last week I met up with adorable Cattledog girl Red and her parents Courtney and Liam for a couples photo shoot. We met at a beautiful location on the Brisbane Northside, which, luckily for us, was completely deserted on the sweltering Saturday afternoon. That meant we were able to let Red roam a little bit, seeing as she is a well behaved girl and likes to stay close to her humans. Initially she was a little shy, but that quickly changed when she found my treat pouch!

Courtney was wearing a beautiful flowing white outfit with flowers in her hair, and had given Red a matching flower collar – I was so excited when they stepped out of the car, and I think it looks fantastic in the photos (Courtney told me she had also considered a pink tutu for Red, but decided against it – cue a very relieved look from Liam…).

All three of them were fantastic models and up for anything despite the high-30s temperature, and when we wrapped up the shoot after an hour and a half, I knew we had managed to capture beautiful memories for Courtney and Liam to enjoy for a long time to come. I would like to say that Red will enjoy them too, but I have a feeling she’ll mostly remember the afternoon as “the one with the lady that kept making weird noises at me but also fed me treats”…

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Lumi, the Siberian Husky

Edit: Lumi has been adopted!

This beautiful girl is Lumi, a one-year-old Siberian Husky girl. She was surrendered by her previous family, and thanks to SHAMROQ is now looking for a new home.

Lumi is quite tiny for a Siberian Husky, but comes with a big personality. Her new family will ideally have an easygoing medium to large male doggy friend for her, but she will also consider being a solo dog as long as there’s someone home more often than not. Lumi is happiest with company and lots of attention, pats and cuddles.

Let me tell you, this little lady is an absolute superstar. While I was getting ready and setting up my camera for her photos, a small mob gathered around Lumi and her foster carer, to admire and ask questions about the beautiful “wolf”. I think it’s the closest I’ve ever come to photographing a celebrity! And as you can see from the photos, she has her Blue Steel look down pat.

Lumi, a Siberian Husky dog available for adoption




Nixon & Cash, German Shepherd Dogs

A few weeks ago I out for a walk when I ran into Bonita playing with her dogs Nixon and Cash in her driveway. Of course I can’t go past a puppy, so after giving Cash a big cuddle we got to talking and I convinced

Bonita, her partner Kurt and their boys met me in a beautiful park on a Sunday afternoon, having just rushed back from a getaway weekend in Bryon Bay. And they had big news: Kurt popped the question over the weekend, Bonita said yes, and so I got to photograph Nixon and Cash with their newly engaged parents. Congratulations and all the best, Bonita and Kurt! (You might even be able to spot the ring in a few photos!)


Nixon and Cash are German Shepherd Dogs, and don’t they have the coolest names ever? Nixon is two, and a proud big brother to baby Cash, who is 6 months old and is only just growing into his big ears and paws. As soon as I met them in the parking lot, they greeted me enthusiastically and then went straight for my treat pouch – no wonder GSDs are the preferred bomb and drug sniffing dogs in a K9 unit!

Nixon & Cash, German Shepherd Dogs

Bonita and Kurt moved to Brisbane from Adelaide not too long ago. In Adelaide, Kurt worked with police dogs, so it’s not a mystery why he loves German Shepherds. And he also clearly picked up some training tips, as Nixon and Cash are very well behaved and adore their parents. Cash did get distracted and dashed off to join a football game that was in progress nearby at one point, but come on! He’s only little, and concentrating is hard work, so surely he deserved a little break, right? ;)

By the end of the afternoon, both the dogs and humans were thoroughly exhausted, which is always a sign of a successful photo session!

Nixon, German Shepherd Dog

Cash has not quite figured out yet that he’s got back legs, so it was hilarious to watch him try to scramble up on the block I asked him to hop on. But look how proud he looks when he finally made it! (Erm.. we might have helped a bit!)

Cash, German Shepherd Dog puppy

I love how you can see both of their matching tags in this one:

Nixon & Cash, German Shepherd Dogs

Cash, German Shepherd Dog puppy

Cash, German Shepherd Dog puppy

Nixon & Cash, German Shepherd Dogs

Nixon & Cash, German Shepherd Dogs

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Project 52 – Rural

The theme for this week’s Project 52 is “Rural” – I have been too busy to participate the last few weeks, but I was determined to get back into it this time. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the theme are golden fields, but living in suburbia, I had to settle for a lovely green park. So Chase and I went for a walk and tried to find a shady spot, which wasn’t too easy as it was midday and very sunny! But despite the harsh lighting conditions and almost walking into a terrifying spider web, I managed to get a few nice shots of Chase. This one’s my favourite:

A photo of a sable Sheltie dog sitting on green grass

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Project 52 – Tails

For the first time, I’m including a dog other than Chase in Project 52. This week’s time is “Tails”, and while Chase has a cute, fluffy tail that he sometimes wraps around himself when he sleeps (a bit like the Firefox icon), I love this photo that I took of a shelter dog named Freckles. I love how graphic it is, and the contrast between Freckles, his spots, and the grass. Since this photo has been taken, Freckles has found his forever home – which is not a surprise, because let me assure you that his face is just as cute as his butt :)

White and brown dog lying on the grass

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