Red the Cattle dog with her parents Courtney and Liam

Last week I met up with adorable Cattledog girl Red and her parents Courtney and Liam for a couples photo shoot. We met at a beautiful location on the Brisbane Northside, which, luckily for us, was completely deserted on the sweltering Saturday afternoon. That meant we were able to let Red roam a little bit, seeing as she is a well behaved girl and likes to stay close to her humans. Initially she was a little shy, but that quickly changed when she found my treat pouch!

Courtney was wearing a beautiful flowing white outfit with flowers in her hair, and had given Red a matching flower collar – I was so excited when they stepped out of the car, and I think it looks fantastic in the photos (Courtney told me she had also considered a pink tutu for Red, but decided against it – cue a very relieved look from Liam…).

All three of them were fantastic models and up for anything despite the high-30s temperature, and when we wrapped up the shoot after an hour and a half, I knew we had managed to capture beautiful memories for Courtney and Liam to enjoy for a long time to come. I would like to say that Red will enjoy them too, but I have a feeling she’ll mostly remember the afternoon as “the one with the lady that kept making weird noises at me but also fed me treats”…

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