Project 52 – Tails

For the first time, I’m including a dog other than Chase in Project 52. This week’s time is “Tails”, and while Chase has a cute, fluffy tail that he sometimes wraps around himself when he sleeps (a bit like the Firefox icon), I love this photo that I took of a shelter dog named Freckles. I love how graphic it is, and the contrast between Freckles, his spots, and the grass. Since this photo has been taken, Freckles has found his forever home – which is not a surprise, because let me assure you that his face is just as cute as his butt :)

White and brown dog lying on the grass

Next up in the blog circle is Black Newf Photography, Portland, Oregon, check out what she has come up with for this week’s theme and keep clicking through until you end up back here :)

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  2. It is cute…love how his tail hair spikes out.

  3. Jennifer says:

    love those markings

  4. Karen says:

    So happy to hear Freckles found a home. Love the markings on him.